School Begins!

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Today, the opening ceremony of Zhenghai University and the launching ceremony of Sequoia Plan are held in the lecture hall on the 32F of Zhenghai Building. Bi Bohai, Chairman of 米乐m6登录, Qu Zhuli, General Manager of 米乐m6登录, P.I.Cs of all the subsidiaries, and more than 120 participants in the two sessions of Sequoia Plan attended the ceremonies.


Quan Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of Labor Union, presided over the opening ceremony

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Ni Ting, Director of Human Resources Department, made a report on the construction of Zhenghai University

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Opening Ceremony

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Song Meining, an employee in Zhenghai Bio-tech, made a speech on behalf of the trainees

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Wang Pengfei, Assistant Minister in ZHmag, delivered a speech on behalf of the lecturers

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Chairman Bi and General Manager Qu issued the letters of appointment to the initial 7 distinguished lecturers of Zhenghai University

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Photos of Group Leaders and Lecturers of Zhenghai University

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Chairman Bi Bohai lectured on the First Lesson This Semester

During the past 28 years, Zhenghai has been expanding, accumulated systematic and mature management experience and its unique "Zhenghai Culture". In order to "Summarize Zhenghai Experience, Inherit Zhenghai Culture", Zhenghai University, as an internal growth platform, was constructed. Regarding the enterprise development, persistent learning is the dynamics, and talent strategy is the intellectual prerequisite. Participants in the first two sessions of Sequoia Plan are expected to, like the plan name implied, inherit the essence of Zhenghai Culture and realize a rapid self-growth.

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