Innovation Platform

米乐m6登录 has 3 innovation platforms, which are National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center or Post-doctoral Research Center, as well as 12 innovation platforms belonging to Provincial-level Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial-level Engineering Technology Research Center or Provincial-level Engineering Laboratory.

Technological Achievements

米乐m6登录 has been honored as National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise, etc. The project of "Technology Upgrading and Integrated Innovation of Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Industry" won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; patented project of "Grain Boundary Diffusion Technology" won the China Patent Excellence Award; patented project of "Xenogeneic Acellular Dermal Matrix" won the China Patent Excellence Award and the first prize of Patent Award of Shandong Province; the core patents were authorized by the UK, France, the US and Germany. By the end of September 2019, the Group had been awarded 451 authorized patents, 142 of which are for invention.

Innovative Mechanism

Since establishment, Zhenghai has been integrating theoretical and practical innovations, and improving its system in enterprise management. In 2013, the Group formulated the Strategic Innovation Plan of 米乐m6登录, which set innovation as an enterprise strategy for the first time. In the same year, the Group issued the Incentives for Innovation Projects in 米乐m6登录, which is intended to reward internal teams in terms of technology innovation and management innovation. The maximum amount for excellent technology innovation projects can reach RMB300,000. Since the First Innovation Project Selection in 2013, the Group has selected 8 excellent technology innovation projects and 3 management innovation projects, creating a comprehensive benefit of RMB49,530,000 in total for the Group.

Chairman Bi Bohai Presented Awards for Excellent Innovation Projects in 2019

Chairman Bi Bohai Presented Awards for Excellent Innovation Projects in 2016

Chairman Bi Bohai Presented Awards for Excellent Innovation Projects in 2017

General Manager Qu Zhuli Presented Awards for Excellent Innovation Projects in 2018