Leader Speech


Dear everyone,

The year of 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of 米乐m6登录. 30 years ago, 米乐m6登录 started an arduous business on a wasteland. Although 米乐m6登录 has gone through many ups and downs, we have been always working hard to press ahead, which makes what we are today. Because we have all of you, who are strong and capable, and all of your family members who give you great support. I, on behalf of the Party Committee and Board of Directors of 米乐m6登录, would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to you and your families!

Pioneer work and realized the ideal goal of CPT shadow masks with great passion. After being fully aware of the importance of "making changes in favorable circumstances", 米乐m6登录 embarked on a road to innovative development. In addition, adhering to the concept of "diversified development and professional operation", 米乐m6登录 has realized a strategic layout in multiple fields; Forging ahead in the past 30 years, 米乐m6登录 has been persevering and practical in the pursuit of perfection. Innovations have been made by 米乐m6登录 in fields of rare-earth permanent magnet and regenerative medicine, and Zhenghai brand has been established in fields of electronic information and automotive interiors; Time and practice have proven that 米乐m6登录 has made a unique corporate culture from vision to fruition in the past 30 years, which has been leading us towards continuous improvement.

The past 30 years symbolize a historical point to summarize our growth experience, an important fulcrum to pry up our future development, and a new starting point to realize a time-honored 米乐m6登录! In the next decade, 米乐m6登录 will continue to stick to our business philosophy of "operating in a stable manner and making progress while ensuring stability". Driven by both "industry" and "capital", 米乐m6登录 will flourish existing business and develop new business, striving to achieve the strategic goal of "revenue of over RMB10 billion, assets of over RMB20 billion under management and one or two new listed companies added" by 2030.

Remember that we can only realize our dreams through struggle! Whether in the past, the present or the future, we will, as always, take the desire for a better life of each and every staff in 米乐m6登录 as the most important mission and responsibility to build a stronger 米乐m6登录, in which every staff can obtain a greater sense of gain and happiness. Looking forward to a better 米乐m6登录!